Friday, 27th September saw the final week of our combined Spring/Autumn Show Jumping League and our Prize Giving.
We rounded off our competition with a Jump Derby – a combined course of working hunter and show jumps with a timed section and an optional joker fence – and what a success this was – great fun, very well supported & enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike – look out for this round making an appearance in the future!!
Our League winners were:
Lead Rein: 1st Emma Gaffney (30) ; 2nd Zoe Gaffney (24) ; 3rd Alivia Jolly (23)
WW: 1st Paige Shields (49) ; 2nd Gracie Murray (19); 3rd Kayla Robertson (18)
Seniors: 1st Taylor Kerr (14) ; 2nd Katie Squires (13) ; 3rd Jo Clarkson (12)
40cm: 1st Indie McKeand (43 ) ; 2nd = Paige Shields & Nuala Hall (38)
Seniors: 1st Taylor Kerr (16) ; 2nd Katie Squires (13) ; 3rd Jo Clarkson (18)
50cm: 1st Indie McKeand (27) ; 2nd Isla Dacre (26) ; 3rd Cathra Irving (20)
Seniors: 1st Hannah Middlemas (43) ; 2nd Annie Henry (11) ; 3rd Jo Clarkson (14)
60cm: 1st Isla Dacre (32) ; 2nd = Ruby Skimming and Erin Currie (24)
Seniors: 1st Annie Henry (23); 2nd Kirsty Irving (16); 3rd Hannah Middlemas (6)
70cm: 1st Erin Currie (28); 2nd Molly Graham (27); 3rd Cathra Irving (20)
Seniors: 1st Annie Henry (11)
80cm: 1st Karolina Szafer (16) ; 2nd Kelsie Middlemas (12)
Many thanks to all who supported us throughout both Spring & Autumn leagues, to all the pony club parents who manned our refreshment stall and to all the volunteers who make the competition possible.
We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Lead ReinKayla Robertson66600200020
Gracie Murray53046300021
Aria McLauchlin4500000009
Tamsin Jolly3040100008
Alivia Jolly22350560023
Zoe Gaffney10023000410
Hannah McDonald1100000002
Kenzie Jolly04560600021
Emma Gaffney00034000613
Maisie Wilde00015400010
Hayley Cook0000200002
Kiara Ward0000000055
WWKayla Robertson63050130018
Indie McKeand06600000012
Paige Shields05565606336
Kasey McMath0400000004
Cara Briggs0040000004
Maisie Wilde0004000004
Hannah McDonald0003000003
Tamsin Jolly00006340013
Gracie Murray00004500615
Maisie Wilde0000320005
Anna Graham0000040059
Nuala Hall0000006006
Aria McLachlan0000005049
Bea Boemer0000002002
Seniors:Rebecca Bryson6000000006
Liz Street0600000006
40cmNuala Hall64560360030
Kasey McMath0600000006
Indie McKeand05605550632
Paige Shields03056606430
Zara Edgar0000400004
Anna Graham0000040004
Gracie Murray0000000055
SeniorsJill Widdop00605000011
Olivia Sneddon00066000012
Taylor Kerr0000000055
Katie Squires0000000044
Sam Wilson0000000066
50cmIsla Dacre60656030026
Ruby Skimming0600000006
Kasey McMath0500000005
Elsie Allan0006000006
Zara Edgar0004000004
Indie McKeand00005650016
Sophie Oaks0000006006
Cathra Irving00000046010
SeniorsRuth Robertson6000000006
Hannah Middlemas55003660631
Jo Clarkson44060000014
Annie Henry06005000011
Olivia Sneddon0005400009
Justine Hunter0000600006
60cmNadia Powell6000000006
Molly Graham56000000011
Zurie Dempster4000000004
Cathra Irving32000050010
Shannon Logan0500000005
Ruby Skimming04065000015
Erin Currie03036000012
Zara Edgar0005400009
Elsie Allan0004000004
Isla Dacre00020046618
Sophie Oakes00000060511
Seniors:Abby Fitzpatrick6000000006
Ruth Robertson5000000005
Kirsty Irving40600060016
Annie Henry05066000017
Rachel Ireland0600000006
70cmZurie Dempster6000000006
Cathra Irving55640000020
Erin Currie06066000018
Ruby Skimming04045000013
Zara Edgar0005000005
Molly Graham00024060618
Karolina Szafer0000000055
Isla Dacre0000000044
SeniorsAbby Fitzpatrick600000006
Hannah Middlemas060000006
Kirsty Irving006000006
80cmKelsie Middlemas0006000006
Karolina Szafer0005000005
LEAD REIN1st Kayla Robertson, Poppy1st Kayla Robertson, Poppy
1st Kayla Robertson, Poppy
1st Kenzie Jolly, Peggy Sue
1st Gracie Murray, Lightning
1st Kenzie Jolly,
Peggy Sue
2nd Gracie Murray, Phoenix2nd Aria McLachlan, Pepper2nd Kenzie Jolly, Peggy Sue
2nd Alivia Jolly, Patrick
2nd Maisie Wilde, Patrick
2nd Alivia Jolly,
3rd Aria McLachlan, Patrick3rd Kenzie Jolly, Peggy Sue3rd Tamsin Jolly, Lightning3rd Gracie Murray, Phoenix 3rd Emma Gaffney, Tara3rd Maisie Wilde,
WIBBLY WOBBLY1st Kayla Robertson, Poppy1st: Indie McKeand, Buttons1st: Indie McKeand, Buttons1st: Paige Shields, Peggy Sue1st: Tamsin Jolly, Lightning1st Paige Shields,
Peggy Sue
2nd: Paige Shields, Phoenix2nd: Paige Shields, Phoenix2nd: Kayla Robertson, Poppy2nd: Paige Shields, Peggy Sue2nd Gracie Murray,
Peggy Sue
3rd: Kasey McMath, Angus3rd: Cara Briggs,Rupert3rd: Maisie Wilde, Patrick3rd: Gracie Murray, Lightning3rd Anna Graham,
Senior:1st: Rebecca Bryson, Vinnie1st: Liz Street, Yogi
40cm1st: Nuala Hall, Lightning1st: Kasey McMath, Angus1st: Indie McKeand, Buttons1st: Nuala Hall, Lightning1st: Paige Shields, Peggy Sue1st Paige Shields,
Peggy Sue
2nd: Indie McKeand, Buttons2nd Nuala Hall, Lightning2nd: Paige Shields, Peggy Sue2nd: Indie McKeand, Buttons2nd Indie McKeand,
3rd: Nuala Hall, Lightning3rd: Zara Edgar, Stan3rd Anna Graham,
Senior:1st: Jill Widdop, Flicka
2nd: Liz Street, Yogi
1st: Jill Widdop, Flicka1st: Olivia Sneddon, Betty1st: Olivia Sneddon Betty
2nd: Jill Widdop, Flicka
50cm:1st Isla Dacre, Bear1st: Ruby Skimming, Bumble
1st: Isla Dacre, Bear1st: Elsie Allan, Champ1st: Isla Dacre, Bear1st Indie McKeand,
2nd: Kasey McMath, Angus2nd: Isla Dacre, Bear2nd: Indie McKeand, Buttons
3rd: Zara Edgar, Yogi
Seniors:1st: Ruth Robertson, Blue
2nd: Hannah Middlemas, Hayley
3rd: Jo Clarkson, Cracker
1st: Annie Henry, Gandalf
2nd: Hannah Middlemas, Hayley
3rd: Jo Clarkson, Cracker
1st: Jo Clarkson, Cracker
2nd: Olivia Sneddon, Betty
1st: Justine Hunter, Flicka
2nd: Annie Henry, Gandalf
3rd: Olivia Sneddon, Betty
1st Hannah Middlemas,
60cm:1st: Nadia Powell, Poppy1st: Molly Graham, Sunshine1st: Kirsty Irving, Sweetpea1st: Ruby Skimming, Bumble1st: Erin Currie, Tommy
2nd: Moly Graham, Sunshine2nd: Shannon Logan, Mr Apache2nd: Zara Edgar, Yogi2nd: Ruby Skimming, Bumble
3rd: Zurie Dempster, Miley3rd: Ruby Skimming, Bumble3rd: Elsie Allan, Champ3rd: Zara Edgar, Stan
Seniors:1st: Abby Fitzpatrick, Misty
2nd: Ruth Robertson, Blue
3rd: Kirsty Irving, Sweetpea
1st: Rachel Ireland, Rosie
2nd: Annie Henry, Gandalf
1st: Annie Henry, Gandalf 1st: Annie Henry, Gandalf
70cm:1st: Erin Currie, Tommy
2nd: Cathra Irving, Heidi
3rd: Ruby Skimming, Bumble
1st: Cathra Irving, Heidi1st: Erin Currie, Tommy
2nd: Zara Edgar, Yogi
3rd= Cathra Irving, Heidi and Ruby Skimming, Bumble
1st: Erin Currie, Tommy
2nd: Ruby Skimming, Bramble
3rd: Molly Graham, Sunshine
Seniors:1st: Hannah Middlemas, Pearl1st: Kirsty Irving, Sweetpea
80cm:1st: Kelsie Middlemas, Pearl
2nd: Karolina Szafer, Holly


CLASS 1st 2nd3rd
1Kayla Robertson, PoppyPaige Shields, Lochhill Lightning
2Paige Shields, Lochhill LightningIndie McKeand, Buttons
3Hannah Middlemas, Lochhill HayleyIndie McKeand, ButtonsIsla Dacre, Hardthorn Born Lucky
4/5Cathra Irving, Lochhill HeidiHannah Middlemas, Lochhill Hayley
Hannah Middlemas, Lochhill Hayley
Kayla Robertson, Poppy
7Emily Singleton, Coldplay CasperMolly Graham, Lochhill SunshieDave Colley, Cracker
8Kayleigh Currie
Keenan's Pride
Hannah Middlemas, Hunter's Lochhill Folley
9Izzy Miller-Smith, AmberKayleigh Currie, Keenan's PrideEmily Singleton, Greenacres Loranzo
10Izzy Miller-Smith, AmberEmily Singleton, Greenacres Lordanzo
Izzy Miller-Smith, Amber
Emily Singleton, Coldplay Casper

Show Jumping League 2018

Champion – Indie McKeand – 61 points

Reserve – Karolina Szafer – 46 points

Most Improved Lochhill EC Pony Club rider – Isla Dacre

Accumulator – Joint Winners on a total of 98 points over all classes entered- Nadia Powell and Indie McKeand

Most successful non Lochhill EC Pony Club member – Chloe Gorman – 30 points


Lead Rein: 1st Indie McKeand  (61) ; 2nd Ava Thomson (44) ; 3rd Kayla Robertson (43)

Wibbly wobbly: 1st Indie McKeand (37) ; 2nd Mac Sutton (29) ; 3rd Skye Findlater (23)

50cm: 1st = Hanna Middlemas and Isla Dacre (34) ; 3rd Ruby Skimming (22)

60cm: 1st Nadia Powell (36) ; 2nd Olivia Skimming (29) ; 3rd Chloe Gorman (24)

70cm: 1st Karolina Szafer (46) ; 2nd Molly Graham (31) ; 3rd Chloe Gorman (30)

80cm: 1st Karolina Szafer (23) ; 2nd Chloe Gorman (15) ; 3rd = Rachel Ireland & Nadia Power (6)


14.2HH 4 year old mare.

Toffee was backed in January then turned away to mature. She was a very easy girl to back and is now riding away quietly. Toffee is being brought on slowly and nothing seems to phase her. She happily goes on short hacks alone or in company. She is a steady ride and has a great temperament.

Toffee has good manners on the ground. She is good to catch, groom, tack up and lead. She lives out all year round with mares and geldings, she is rugged in winter. She has no health issues or vices known to us and is open to any vettings/xrays you require.

No novices - although quiet she is only 4 and requires someone who can carry on her education.

Please contact Helen on 07885168093 for more information on TOFFEE.


Helen Maxwell
Lochhill Equestrian Centre
Ringford, Castle Douglas
Dumfries & Galloway

T: 01557 820225
M: 07885 168093
E:  lochhill.horses@gmail.com